Pumps, boots, sandals, ballerinas, sneakers.

The Bellofatto Shoe Factory has been crafting premium quality shoes of every style for over 40 years.

Step inside

Technique meets technology.

We put our head, our hands and our heart into every single pair we produce. And we are constantly researching innovative new materials and technology to take our imagination ever further.

The result? Made with love. Made in Italy.

A perfect fit for every woman

A style everything.That is why one pair is never enough.


For the beautiful who believe “the heel is worth more than red lipstick”

The high heel can be a woman's best friend. It is a tool of seduction, a statement of confidence, a symbol of dreams. Every designer, like every woman, understands the secret language of the shoe. So too, do we.


For the bold who know that ‘boot’ is not just a word. It's a statement

Whether ankle boots, cuissardes, or bikers, boots can make or break an outfit. But any manufacturer can talk the talk. Our proven expertise in designing, producing and packaging clearly demonstrates that we also know how to walk the walk.


For the fashionistas who know that sneakers keep up with the times

Sneakers are no longer 'just casual.' They now sit at the top table of high fashion. Leading designers have elevated the style by matching it with the most elegant garments. We know how to make a sneaker with true chic.


For the open-minded who believe feet deserve to be admired

There is far more to the art of the simple sandal than meets the eye. Whether a high heel, a flat, or a wedge, open or sabot, we are skilled at opening the imagination to create any style you require.


For the dancers who move to the rhythm of life

Classic. Romantic. Elegant in its simplicity. The ballerina shoe effortlessly takes a woman where she wants to go, down whatever path she chooses, into whchever dreams she follows. Our favorite? Red - just like Dorothy's.


For the movers who stay down to earth

Even those who live on the tips of their toes come back down to earth from time to time. But that doesn't have to be at the expense of style. The secret is uniting sense with style, form with function.

Our Statistics


pairs produced every year.

Carrie Bradshaw would go crazy.


exported from Tuscany with love.

Quality footwear shipped all over the world.


luxury shoe craftsmen.

60 pairs of expert hands creating shoes for high-end brands.

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How we make our shoes

A step-by-step guide to the art of creating luxury shoes.

Step 1: Style Office.

We view the designer's drawings under a magnifying glass.
We carefully study your design, before translating it into a model by preparing the upper.

Step 2: Materials research.

A perfect blend of creativity, taste and expertise.
We identify the perfect components for your shoe: soles, heels, buckles, laces and leather.
All are sourced from suppliers that share our passion for excellence.

Step 3: The first shoe.

Imagination becomes reality in an explosion of models and colors.
Materials and accessories are sewn and glued together. Leathers are adapted. Heels are assembled.
The prototype brings the project to life and lays the foundation for the whole collection.

Step 4: Manufacture.

Moving seamlessly from prototype to production.
Creating a unique one-off is one thing. Transforming it into an entire collection is quite another.
To get it right takes the experience and expertise that has already produced millions of high quality luxury products.

Step 5: Industrial craftsmanship.

Traditional craftsmanship comes face-to-face (and foot-to-foot) with innovative technology.
The skills of our shoemakers seamlessly combine with the latest technologies.
First we hem the uppers, then assemble them with the other components and accessories.
The final product is a triumph of heels and straps, jewels and feathers, fabrics and leathers.

Step 6: Premium packaging and delivery.

A shoe ready to take its first step into the world. A shoe waiting to be treasured.
Once production is completed, we carefully wrap each pair of shoes in tissue paper and place them in their box.
Now they begin their journey into the world, ready for discerning women who appreciate enduring comfort and effortless style.


Welcome to Bellofatto. The home of Italian class.

Shoemaking. It's an art. And it's a science.

We know the secret to crafting shoes of uncompromising quality from creative designs to beautiful leathers. From uppers to heels to soles. And from inner comfort to outer style. Cutting and sewing. Creating and glueing. We lovingly craft every single pair with a blend of artisanal care and technological precision.
An ancient Tuscan art complemented by the latest technological innovation. This is shoe-making, made for the 21st century.

We are not employees. We are a team of 30 talented artisans.

What it takes to make pair of BelloFatto shoes.

  • Expertise of the materials and accessories that produce unique footwear.
  • Machining precision and advanced technology.
  • A craftsman's accuracy and attention to detail.